Nesting Short Codes

June 19th, 2015

(As of version 2.2.4)

The [cfdb-html] short code now will allow you to nest short codes within it. This can be any tag you like, but there is a special case where you can nest a different tag from this plugin.


[cfdb-html form="My Form"]
Here is a table submitted at ${Submitted}
[cfdb-table form="My Form" filter="submit_time=${submit_time}"]

In this case we nest a [cfdb-table] inside the [cfdb-html]. The special thing that we do is give the submit_time from the outer [cfdb-html] to the inner [cfdb-table]. Remember that [cfdb-html] prints out its template for every entry found in the database and replaces ${field-name} type values with the field values for each entry. In this case, we effectively pass the submit_time (a form submission unique id) from each [cfdb-html] entry to a [cfdb-table] short code via filter=”submit_time=${submit_time}”. The [cfdb-table] short code will find just that one element each time.

This can be inefficient because [cfdb-html] does a query, then for each entry found,  [cfdb-table] does a query. A more efficient solution is to follow the technique in Create Your Own Short Code.

NOTE: because of a limitation of WordPress, you cannot nest a [cfdb-html] inside a [cfdb-html]


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