Introducing WordPress Plugin Template

November 19th, 2014

For those who write plugins, I have create free template/scaffolding code I call WordPress Plugin Template for writing plugins. It is aimed at helping making lots of commonly done code easier and quicker, and generally bootstrapping the process of getting a plugin written.

WordPress Plugin Template generates scaffold/template code to create a sophisticated WordPress plugin. The template code provide convenience hooks and functions to save you from re-inventing the wheel and to follow best practices.

The template code includes:

  • plugin life cycle management
  • hooks for install, upgrade and uninstall actions
  • fuller options management
  • easy administration page creation
  • easier short code creation
  • easier way to create Ajax handlers
  • easier way to enforce security
  • more!

Read more about the design tenets.

Getting Started

Generate and download code for your own plugin!

This code is the culmination of my own lessons learned and best practices I have gleaned. Share your own ideas and experience. Comments and feedback on this code is welcome.

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